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Sweet sixteen limo party Scottsdale

Make Your Girl’s Day with a Sweet 16 Limo Package and/or Scavenger Hunt!

What a trip!  Your granddaughter, daughter, or niece is finally coming of driving age.  But rather than let her drive on this day, why not throw a big bash!?

Many do.  And it’s only natural… it’s a celebrated milestone in American life.

Pop in a good ol’ Molly Ringwald 80s film, devour pink cake, give her great gifts, rent a limo… the usual.

In a limo, there’s room for the whole family.  Why let Mom or Pop, Grandad or Grandmom drive around when they want to enjoy the Sweet 16 celebration just as much.

Sure driving’s fun… and that’s exactly what our limo drivers love: driving.  They’re so good, they’ve got the city memorized, hot spots on lock down, and safety as their number one rule.

Well, OK, perhaps punctuality ties for first place.

Regardless, your young lady’s sweet 16 is an event that they’re empathetic to.  We know it means the world to her that she’s turning sixteen, so we act as though that’s our only goal… to ensure the smoothest, most memorable Sweet Sixteen event in history.

Forget about driving!  We’ll drive for you, smooth as can be.  This means you don’t have to think about turn signals, speed limits, stop lights, traffic jams, parking, or any of that silly stuff.  Just kick back and relax and get the job.

What’s the job?  Why, celebrating, of course!!

Everyone fits!  No one left behind!  It doesn’t matter how big your family is, we’ve got vehicles to accommodate.

Receive royal treatment!  Making you feel elated and having the time of your life is also one of our main priorities.  We’ll open the doors for you, speak respectfully and courteously, and basically treat you like a Queen and her royal family.

Our drivers’ minds are like Johnny Mnemonic… loads of info stored in those impressive minds of ours.  (OK, maybe that’s a reference that too many people won’t get.)

Which means, we know this city, we know our industry, and we know people.  So if you have a question or need a place to go that would satisfy your heart’s desires, we’ll have the answer… or we’ll get it.

We love this city.  And we love people.

That’s why we put ourselves in your shoes and ask, “How would I want this event to unfold?”

Answer: smoothly, hassle-free, where the focus is on me and my guests, where I feel like a BOSS, and where I feel safe and carefree.

So… How to Book a Sweet Sixteen Limo Event in Scottsdale (and the Phoenix Valley)

Fill out the form to the right or call us at 602-536-9116 and talk to our friendly and helpful reservationists.  We’ll get you free quote and help you plan your night.

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