About Scottsdale Limo

Scottsdale Limo driver in front of red carpet
You always get red carpet service and treatment at Scottsdale Limo.

Scottsdale Limo should actually be called “the best, most professional, smoothest, most accommodating limousine service in Arizona.”

But then again, that’s not very catchy.

We’re a company with high values and high integrity.  We stand by our standards and always strive to improve the people’s lives who use our services… not just deliver a baseline service.

We want to be so good at what we do and serve you so well, above and beyond what you’d expect, (and we’re pretty passionate about it!) that you’ll tell your friends, family and associates about us.

We love this city, we love people, and we love what we do.

What more can we say except that we want to prove to you how good we are.

FYI, we carry red carpet in our trunks.  ?

So try us!  Dial us today at 602-536-9116 to speak with one of our friendly and professional staff… just shoot the breeze, ask about specific events you have in mind, or just get to know more about us.

We’re here to serve you, proudly!

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